Rilo Electric and Communication Construction, LLC
(RECC Wireless)

RECC Cell Tower (225K)

RECC Wireless specializes in providing quality implementation, support and design services to the wireless communication industry. Our core competency surrounds installation and maintenance of wireless communication networks and systems.

Founded in 2000 by Kevin Glynn and headquartered in Longmont Colorado, RECC Wireless builds wireless networks for the major cellular service providers including Cricket, T-Mobile, and Verizon. We continue to facilitate expansion of these networks throughout the United States. In addition to the cellular industry, we specialize in point-to-point microwave systems for voice backhaul and data communications, which are used by the oil and gas industry, private corporations, and public utilities to communicate remote field data. RECC Wireless is a key contractor for large service providers encompassing network deployment and expansion. We provide turn-key solutions including raw land and co-locate installations. In addition to turn-key tower construction, RECC also provides tower and site maintenance services. These services include tower mapping, FAA lighting installation and re-lamping, tower painting, tower removal, landscaping and road maintenance.

We have a proven track record implementing networks in the rugged Rocky Mountains and dense urban environment. We continuously improve our technical and safety skills that are instrumental to our growing list of customers. As RECC grows, we take great care in creating a culture of respect and strive to reduce waste and energy by using sustainable operational practices.

Kevin Glynn, Owner & CEO
Joe Rorick, Quality Assurance & Lead Estimator

303-774-2029 office | 303-774-9105 fax
1822 Skyway Drive, Unit O, Longmont, CO 80504